You don’t have time on election day or can’t go to the polling station? No problem: You have two options:  

  • First: Apply for your postal vote [Briefwahl] in time. Just scan the QR-Code on the second page of your election notification. The postal vote must be applied for by 7 February 2023.After 8 February contact your local election office.  
  • Second: You can vote in person at the electoral office in your borough. The address is on your election notification. Bring your election notification and your identity card or passport with you to the electoral office.


It is also possible to vote at another polling station [Wahllokal] in your borough. In this case, you must also apply for an absentee ballot / postal vote as described above. Please bring your ballot paper [Wahlschein] with all of your absentee ballot papers to the polling station of your choice in your borough on election day.

Procedure for absentee voting / postal voting:  

  • You will receive the documents by post.  
  • You only have to fill in the street and house number as well as the postcode (postcode) and city if you have a different address than the one at the top of your voting slip [Wahlschein].
  • If you have put your cross on the ballot paper [Stimmzettel] yourself, please sign the statutory declaration [Versicherung an Eides statt] for the postal vote on the lower half of the voting slip [Wahlschein].
  • If someone helped you to put a cross on the ballot paper (Stimmzettel), the person must sign the voting slip (Wahlschein) and enter their full name and address.
  • Now place the completed ballot paper (Stimmzettel) in the blue ballot paper envelope [Stimmzettelumschlag] and seal it. Put the sealed blue ballot paper envelope with the completed voting slip [Wahlschein] in the red voting slip envelope [Wahlbriefumschlag] and seal it as well.
  • Send the ballot paper and the voting slip by post. You do not need a stamp.
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