• The electionwill be held from 8 am to 6 pm on 12 February 2023 in all of Berlin’s boroughs. 
  • You will receive an election notification [Wahlbenachrichtigung] by post to your registered address in Berlin. You will receive the election notification latest by 22 January 2023.  
  • The number and address of the polling station are printed on the election notification card. 
  • For theBVVelection,youare entitled to vote ata polling stationother thanthe onespecifiedon your card.However, in order to do so, you mustapply for avoting slip [Wahlschein]in advance (see You are not in Berlin on election day?). 
  • You will need to show official proof of identity (ID cardorpassport). 
  • At the polling station,you will receive an orange ballot. On the ballot paper,you areonly permittedtoputonecross(indicating the partyor voters’ associationyou want to vote for). 

Repeat Election 2023 

The election on 12 February 2023 is a repeat election 

The BVV (and the Berlin House of Representatives) have previously been elected on 26 September 2021. This election has been declared invalid due to errors during the election process. The election must therefore be repeated 

The legislative period doesn’t start from the beginning. The next elections will take place in autumn 2026, five years after the last regular elections. 

The parties and voters’ associations (see Who is elected to the BVV?) will put up the same lists of candidates for election as on 26 September 2021. Only candidates who have moved or died since then will be replaced by other candidates from the list. 

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