Related to the borough assembly [Bezirksverordnetenversammlung; BVV]   

Ausschuss: Working group (committee) of councillors convened to discuss specific topics and prepare decisions   

Bezirk: Borough of Berlin with an autonomous administration  

Bezirksamt: Political administration for the borough; governed by a mayor 

Bezirksverordnete: Borough councillors; members of the BVV and thus the elected representatives in a borough

Bezirksverordnetenversammlung (BVV): Borough assembly; or the borough’s parliament 

Fraktion: Parliamentary group  

Resolution: Decision issued by the BVV  

Related to the election:  

Briefwahl: Postal vote (optional for all voters).  

Stimmzettel: Ballot; a piece of paper on which a list of all candidates in the election is printed.
The voters select their candidate from the list and use this piece of paper to cast their vote in the election. 

Wahlbenachrichtigung: Letter containing key information about the election (date, your polling station), sent by post  

Wahlberechtigte: Persons entitled to vote  

Wahllokal: Polling station  

Wahlschein: Voting slip. A document required in order to register for a postal vote. It attests that the person in question is entitled to vote.  

About the House of Representatives:  

Abgeordnete: Elected representative  

Abgeordnetenhaus: Berlin House of Representatives (Berlin is both a city and a federated state of Germany)  

Senat: Senate of Berlin, the executive governing body of the city