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On 18 September 2016, Berlin is going to vote. And all EU-citizens have the right to go to the polls too!

Certainly you have noticed that your districts have been filled with election posters during the last days.
Did you know that you as an EU-citizen have the right to take part in these elections?
You have a say in who is going to do politics for the next five years in your district.
You can find out what it is all about and how it works in six different languages (GermanEnglishFrenchItalianPolishSpanish) here.

  1. Ebo says:

    Also I tried to share this blog post one Facebook but only the German version comes up in the post preview (the text under the main headline), can you change that? As I think it’s more important for my non-German speaking friends to read.

    • Vote Berlin says:

      Dear Ebo, thank you for your nice review and hint about the languages coming up in the post preview, we already changed it. You should get your Wahlbenachrichtigung at the end of this week. If you still haven‘t received a letter by the 27th of August, please go to your district’s electoral office (Bezirkswahlamt) before the 2nd of September and request assistance. In our last answer to Jack’s comment we wrote about the current opportunities to inform yourself about the programs of the participating political parties / voters in Berlin, we hope it can be helpful for you. We’re also going to inform you when we get a permission to post about the positions of the participating political parties.

  2. Ebo says:

    First of all thanks for the website, it’s really helpful! I do hope I get the Wahlbenachrichtigung soon as it seems likely to be a nightmare to have to go to the Wahlamt and apply for it. But I mainly wanted to say that I’m also with Jack above re posting the programmes and policies of the parties up for election, as I went for instance to the site of Grünen Neukölln and there’s nothing in any language other than German, and even if I make the effort to sift through the German it’s generally hard to get acquainted with the subtleties of candidates and policies for a non-local. Much appreciated!

  3. Jack says:

    This is a really cool initiative, nice website and pretty understandable information. Will you also post (and maybe translate) the programmes of the different political parties? Thank you.

    • Vote Berlin says:

      Thank you Jack for sharing your opinion about our website. We’re glad that it´s helpful. We’re going to organise information events, including a discussion with the politicians for the districts Neukölln (8.9.) and Mitte (13.9.), you’re very welcome to come! Please follow our homepage and / or our facebook, there you will find more information about the events in a few days. We’ll also inform you in case we can post (and eventually translate) the programs of the different political parties. Until then we recommend you to use the Bezirk-O-Mat, a vote compass created by the newspaper Tagesspiegel, where you can get an overview of the positions of the participating political parties/voters: https://wahl.tagesspiegel.de/bezirkomat/

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