A total of 55 parliamentarians (Bezirksverordnete) will be elected. These are members of parties and voters’ associations. Individuals are not permitted to stand as candidates at the BVV (Bezirksverordnetenversammlung) election. The parties and voters’ associations (Wählergemeinschaften) have to compile a list specifying all of their candidates.

The seats in the BVV are divided according to the number of votes obtained by a particular party or voters’ association. The order on the list of candidates is used to determine which candidate(s) of a particular party or voters’ association will take a seat in the BVV.

Parties and voters’ associations must obtain at least 3% of the votes cast in a particular district (Bezirk) to take a seat in the BVV.



A voters’ association represents specific, primarily local political interests and is not a party. Voters’ associations are often formed on the basis of citizens’ initiatives.