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Everyone who has not yet decided on who to vote for in the local elections in September now has the chance to use the Bezirk-O-Mat, a vote compass created by the newspaper Tagesspiegel.

You can get an overview of the positions of the participating political parties/voters associations by answering a series of ten questions concerning current issues of the district.

Do you think for instance that the Bergmannstraße in Kreuzberg should be a Shared Space? Are you in favor of forbidding barbecues in the Mauerpark? What do you think of people being able to go bathing in the Spree in the city center?

The online app will calculate results out of your answers to these questions. You can use these results as a compass for your choice. You can also have a closer look on what the political parties have to say to the different matters. Unfortunately, this app is only available in German.

Have fun with the Bezirk-O-Mat!

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