Mitte (Tiergarten, Wedding, Moabit): the heart of Germany’s political life

20. August 2016
With 40 embassies, the Federal Parliament, Federal Council, the Red City Hall among others, you could almost believe that Mitte is home to more governmental buildings than flats. But despite its size, Mitte has the capital’s second largest population after Pankow with 363,236 inhabitants.
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Upcoming elections – The Bezirk-O-Mat helps you decide!

18. August 2016
Everyone who has not yet decided on who to vote for in the local elections in September now has the chance to use the Bezirk-O-Mat, a vote compass created by the newspaper Tagesspiegel. You can get an overview of the positions of the participating political parties/voters associations by answering a series of ten questions concerning current issues of the district.
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You can vote!

9. August 2016
Certainly you have noticed that your districts have been filled with election posters during the last days. Did you know that you as an EU-citizen have the right to take part in these elections? You have a say in who is going to do politics for the next five years in your district.
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Blog Rules

27. July 2016
This blog is intended to serve as a platform for an open discussion. Therefore, you are welcome to comment on our blog posts and engage in conversation with others. At the same time we wish for tolerance and respect for the opinion of others and kindly ask you to keep your messages tactful.
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